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Great power comes

with great responsibility

Ignoring harm

Isn't it nice being a white, cisgendered, rich man and not a member of a marginalized group targeted for abuse?

Equating abuse sites with human rights organizations

Getting asked to deplatform a site dedicated to abuse and harassment is the same as a dictator asking someone to deplatform the Human Rights Campaign. The exact same.

You're just like a telephone company

Sure you aren't regulated like one, but it's so much easier to ignore the harm you do if you pretend you have no power to address it

Cloudflare is proud to introduce Hate Credits

Your new solution to offset your choice to platform groups that deal in hate, abuse, and harassment

A few words from our visionary CEO, Matthew Prince "One of my core tenents, is that all speech deserves an equal platform. It doesn’t matter how disgusting, repulsive, or revolting a website is because they deserve the best Cloudflare has to offer. Unless it’s a website for sex workers. Or if that speech is directed at me or Cloudflare, then fuck you. I’ll make sure to turn off comments or block you so I don’t have to hear your opinion. That’s just uncomfortably close to consequences and I can’t handle it. After banning 8chan and Daily Stormer I just felt really horrible. I couldn’t sleep at night. I mean, Cloudflare is like a fire department, and platforming a site like kiwifarms is like putting out a fire. You would never ask a fire department to not put out a fire, right? Honestly I probably felt even worse than those transgender people being harassed and swatted by kiwifarms feel. I knew I had to act, and as CEO of Cloudflare I knew accountability was on me. I remembered reading an article once about how amazing carbon credits were and then it occurred to me. Why can’t I just offset platforming the scum of the internet with some blood money? That’s how I invented Hate Credits."

Ignore your impact on society For as little as $20/mo, the same price as Cloudflare’s Pro plan, you can feel confident that no matter how many people die from the violent and abusive actions born from the festering cesspools you choose to let stay on your platform that you have done everything you possibly can to help offset that choice.

Sleep easy Now that you’ve given a little money or maybe even offered some free services, you can sleep well knowing you’re in the clear. There might be some dead people, but you did your best.

It's not your fault anyways You should remember that by buying Hate Credits you are going above and beyond, because none of this is your fault anyways. People may point out that without your platform and enablement of these terrible websites and groups that they wouldn’t have nearly the same reach or maybe not be able to exist at all. These people simply do not realize who are really at fault. First it’s important to think of the victims. Are they being good victims and suffering in silence? Or are they standing up against the abuse against themselves and others? This is especially wrong for victims with high visibility to do this as they are able to spread a message far and wide about the suffering caused and all this attention only forces these hate groups to expand their target list. It’s much better when the victims are unheard and these hate groups focus their abuse on the marginalized people. Don’t forget that it is also the blame of law enforcement as morals are things you only act on under court order, not for making decisions about how your company conducts business. Finally you must also remember it is the fault of politicians. There might be 195 different countries and thousands of different legal jurisdictions but why haven’t they gotten their act together to solve this problem for you? You might have lobbyists but you already know their time is better spent trying to stop security research. Just think of all these people you can blame that aren’t you!

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When I found out our platform was being used to perpetuate genocide, I felt bad? I certainly couldn't pay for better moderation, I needed more money to keep more land away from native Hawaiians. Hate Credits was just what I needed! Now for $20/mo I know that I am doing real good in the world.
Mark Zuckerberg
CEO, Facebook
To be honest I just bought these because Matthew and I run in the same social circles and I wanted to support the guy.
Rob Monster
CEO, Epik
People have really been on my case about this stupid LibsofTikTok, especially after a bomb threat got called into a children's hospital. So I threw $100 at some Hate Credits, that makes us even right?
Parag Agrawal
CEO, Twitter